Anti Humidity (FAQ)


1. What is the significance of Barrier Foil Propametic in moisture-sensitive packaging?

Barrier Foil Propametic plays a crucial role in preserving moisture-sensitive products during packaging. These multi-layered films, composed of 4 technical materials, create a formidable barrier against water vapor and moisture. Designed for long-term preservation, Propametic films offer robust protection, high mechanical resistance, and easy weldability. This makes them ideal for various applications, including caps, sacks, bags, liners, and packaging for overseas shipments. Propametic films go beyond moisture protection, providing defense against UV rays, acids, alkalis, oxygen transmission, odors, and color deterioration, ensuring the integrity of sensitive materials.

Tell us more about the benefits of using Anti-Humidity products.

Our Anti-Humidity range, including desiccants and films, safeguards products from moisture damage, enhancing shelf life and quality. Our Clay desiccants range of products are C Dry and Propasec while our Calcium Chloride range of desiccants are sold under the brand name of BE Dry and Propadry.

How do BENZ Packaging's Shrink Films contribute to product presentation?

BENZ Packaging's Shrink Films significantly enhance product presentation by delivering a professional and visually appealing appearance. These specialty multi-layered films, designed for bulk wrapping cans and bottles, contract tightly over products when heat is applied. This tight nesting around items eliminates the need for a cardboard base tray, reducing costs. The films, available in transparent or custom-printed options, minimize deformation of graphics and wrinkles after shrinking. Whether for snack food packaging, lidding, or protection and reinforcement of glass surfaces, our Shrink Films provide a sleek and tightly sealed final product with superior visual appeal.


3. Tell us about the range of Desiccants available for packaging.

BENZ Packaging provides a comprehensive range of desiccants designed to protect products from moisture damage during packaging and transit;

  1. C Dry & Propasec range of Desiccants: Works under high low humidity, low temperatures as well as high humidity and high temperatures. Can adsorb upto 100% of its own weight.

  2. BE Dry & Propadry range of Desiccants: Works well in high humidity and high temperatures. Can adsorb upto 500% of its own weight.

Our desiccants are available in multiple sizes as per the customer requirement.


12. How does Modified Atmospheric Packaging benefit the food industry?

Modified Atmospheric Packaging, with anti-microbial and anti-fog properties, extends the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, and meat while being 100% biodegradable. Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) offers several benefits to the food industry:


1. Extended Shelf Life: MAP slows down the oxidation and decay of perishable foods, ensuring a longer shelf life.


2. Preservation of Freshness: By adjusting gas composition within packages, MAP preserves the freshness, color, and flavor of food products.


3. Reduced Spoilage: The controlled atmosphere inhibits the growth of spoilage microorganisms, reducing food waste and enhancing product quality.


4. Improved Quality: MAP contributes to maintaining the texture and nutritional content of food, ensuring a higher quality end product.


MAP by BENZ Packaging is a game-changer, promoting sustainability by minimizing food waste and enhancing overall product quality.

3. Can BENZ Packaging provide packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical sector?

Yes, BENZ Packaging specializes in providing comprehensive packaging solutions tailored for the pharmaceutical sector. Our extensive range includes PE Films, Desiccants, Humidity Indicators, Shrink Films, Honeycomb Pads, labels, mono cartons, and other high-quality packaging products. Designed to meet stringent industry standards, our pharmaceutical packaging ensures the safety, integrity, and compliance of medical products. With a commitment to quality and innovation, BENZ Packaging is your trusted partner in delivering reliable, compliant, and customized packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.


4. What is the role of Container Desiccants in preserving goods during shipping?

BENZ Packaging's Container Desiccants play a pivotal role in preserving goods during shipping. These desiccants, made of Calcium Chloride (Cacl2), absorb high amounts of moisture, maintaining optimal humidity levels within containers. Beyond preventing rust and mold growth, they effectively combat container rain, ensuring goods remain dry and undamaged. Additionally, they contribute to temperature stability, safeguarding products against environmental fluctuations during transit. This dual action makes BENZ Container Desiccants an essential solution for comprehensive protection, ensuring goods arrive in pristine condition.



5. What types of Temperature Indicators are suitable for my products?

BENZ Packaging offers a variety of Temperature Indicators to suit diverse product needs. For products sensitive to ascending temperatures, our indicators provide clear evidence of temperature excursions and exposure duration. For descending temperatures, irreversible color changes indicate below-threshold excursions. We also have relative humidity indicator card (HIC) that is a simple and inexpensive way to monitor the relative humidity (RH) level in a closed environment. These cards are impregnated with a moisture-sensitive chemical that changes color in response to changes in RH. The color change is irreversible, so the cards can be used to track the maximum RH level that has been reached over time.

Our experts can guide you in selecting the most suitable Temperature Indicators based on your product's temperature sensitivity and transport conditions, ensuring optimal protection and quality maintenance.



6. What are the applications of Heat Sealing Shrink Films in different industries?

Heat-sealing shrink films find diverse applications across various industries due to their versatile properties. In snack food packaging, these films create transparent windows, enhancing product visibility. They are ideal for ovenable packaging, facilitating convenient cooking for frozen meals. Additionally, heat-sealing films are extensively used in lidding applications, providing protective layers for food containers. Tubing made from these films serves as sleeves for packaging consumer goods such as bottles, flagpoles, and more. Furthermore, they are employed to laminate glass, reinforcing its strength and protection. Heat-sealing shrink films offer adaptable solutions for different industrial packaging needs.


7. What is the purpose of using a Vacuum Barrier Film for packaging?

Using a Vacuum Barrier Film for packaging serves the crucial purpose of extending the shelf life of packed goods. BENZ Packaging crafts these films by laminating multiple layers of polymers and aluminum, creating a four-layer material that significantly reduces the Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) and Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR). This design creates a protective environment inside the packaging, preventing the entry of moisture, UV rays, acids, alkalis, oxygen, and odors. As a result, the film ensures the preservation of goods, preventing oxidation and enhancing the longevity of the packaged items.


8. How does Propametic Barrier Film protect materials from various elements?

Propametic Barrier Films are made by laminating four technical layers of different polymers and aluminium. By offering this combination, Propametic is able to offer a powerful defense against moisture, UV rays, acids, alkalis, oxygen transmission, odors, and color deterioration for a long period of time.


Can Container Desiccants be reused, or are they for one-time use only?

Container Desiccants, like Inbox Desiccants, are designed for one-time use, ensuring optimal moisture absorption during each application.



9. How does the use of 3-layer Aluminium Vacuum Barrier Film benefit the packaging process?

3-layer Aluminium Vacuum Barrier Film provides a robust barrier against external elements, ensuring the integrity of packaged products and extending their shelf life. For optimum benefits and longevity, BENZ Packaging recommends to Vacuum Pack the film by using a Vacuum Machine thus pulling out moisture along with the air inside the packaging.



10. Tell us about the advantages of using 4-layer Aluminium Vacuum Barrier Film.

4-layer Aluminium Vacuum Barrier Film enhances protection with an additional layer, providing superior barrier properties, especially for sensitive and delicate products. By using a 4-layer Aluminium Vacuum Barrier Film the shelf life of the packaged material also increases considerably.


11. How do Temperature & Humidity Indicators contribute to packaging quality?

Temperature & Humidity Indicators help monitor and maintain optimal conditions during shipping, ensuring the quality and integrity of the packaged products. By using these indicators, the shipper can have data of maximum and minimum humidity levels achieved inside the packaging. By using this data, the shipper can then calculate the amount of desiccants to be put inside the packaging materials to prevent oxidation during shipment & storage.


12. Tell us about the benefits of using Desiccants for Packaging.

Desiccants for Packaging, including Bentonite Clay-based options, absorb excess moisture, preventing mold, mildew, and corrosion during storage and transit. These desiccants maintain the relative humidity at right levels inside the packaging thereby preventing condensation and creation of water vapour inside the packaging.

13. How do Temperature & Humidity Indicators enhance the safety of pharmaceutical products?

Temperature & Humidity Indicators in pharmaceutical packaging ensure that medicines and sensitive products are transported and stored under optimal conditions and right humidity.

14. Can Ascending Temperature Indicators be used for frozen products?

Ascending Temperature Indicators monitor temperature changes and are suitable for various applications, including frozen product transportation, with a sensitivity margin of +/- 1°C.


15. What benefits do Descending Temperature Indicators offer in pharmaceutical transportation?

Descending Temperature Indicators provide clear evidence of exposure to below-threshold temperatures, ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals during transit.


16. How do Humidity Indicator Cards assist in preventing moisture-related damage?

Humidity Indicator Cards absorb and react to moisture levels, providing a visual indication of humidity exposure and helping prevent damage to packaged goods. By estimating the correct moisture level, adequate protection can be given to sensitive products by adding the right amount of desiccants.


17. Tell us about the applications of On-Demand Inflatable Air Systems in packaging.

On-Demand Inflatable Air Systems are versatile solutions, providing cushioning and protection for products during shipping, especially delicate or fragile items. These Air Systems are installed at customer’s premises through a small portable machine which is Plug & Play model. Then as per demand air cushions can be produced by click of button. No storage of readymade material is required


18. What advantages do Onsite Paper Systems offer for packaging needs?

On-Demand Paper Systems provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution for on-site packaging, minimizing material waste and offering flexibility in packaging applications. These Paper Systems are installed at customer’s premises through a small portable machine which is Plug & Play model. Then as per demand paper cushions can be produced by click of button. No storage of readymade material is required.


19. How does BENZ Packaging contribute to the reduction of packaging inventory?

BENZ Packaging significantly contributes to reducing packaging inventory through strategic measures. With 5 manufacturing plants and 27 warehouses across India, we operate on a Just-in-Time (JIT) model, ensuring efficient inventory management and timely deliveries. Additionally, our on-demand packaging solutions, such as Paper Cushions and Air Cushions, minimize warehouse space requirements, effectively reducing packaging inventory and optimizing storage efficiency. This approach aligns with our commitment to providing streamlined and sustainable packaging solutions.



20. Are Modified Atmospheric Packaging Bags suitable for long-distance shipments?

Modified Atmospheric Packaging Bags, being anti-microbial, anti-fogging and biodegradable, are ideal for long-distance shipments, preserving freshness and quality. BENZ Packaging's innovative approach ensures these bags can uphold product quality up to three times longer than standard packaging, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking effective and sustainable solutions for their long-distance shipping needs.

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